For more than fifty years, the images of the Pirelli Calendar have been a part of our culture, as few other projects with photography in the leading role have been witness to particular changes, new fashions, new ideas and many creative and technical inventions. Today we can see how reality has changed through the eyes of the greatest photographers, as the way it is depicted has evolved. The aim of this exhibit, however, is to set aside chronological order for a moment, set aside the sequence of the years articulated by calendars, forget references to time, all through a process of critical reading that can propose a new dialectic made up of relations, analogies, citations and contrasts between images.

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Where to Find Us

The exhibit The Cal – Pirelli Collection, Form and Desire is hosted in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Reale next to the Milan Duomo.

21 NOVEMBER 2014
8 MARCH 2015